Artist Development Program

Training, performance and mentorship

Our Artist Development Program is run under the guidance of our Artistic Director, Joshua Hoare and Artist Development Coordinator, Marina Gellmann. As well as producing our own high quality public productions, over 70 students a week train and are mentored by our specialty trainers in this elite program. The young artists that form this troupe also perform regularly at events such as the Credit Union Christmas Pageant, Royal Adelaide Show, OzAsia Festival Moon Lantern Parade, corporate events, brand launches, community fairs and school fetes.

For more information about the audition process for the ADP, pleaseĀ email us!

Performance Journey Program

Keen Beanz

Tuesday 4pm - 5.30pm OR Saturday 12pm - 1:30pm

Keen Beanz is an introduction to performing. This group focuses on performance techniques and basic act creation as individuals, in small groups, and as an ensemble. Keen Beanz still covers all circus apparatus as well as giving students opportunities to train their favourite disciplines a bit more often. Keen Beanz has a large focus on teamwork, trust, and support for fellow class members.

Graduates of Keen Beanz shall have the following competencies:
  • Confidence performing in front of others
  • Creation of acts both individually and in small groups
  • The ability to train consistently in order to reach a goal
  • Initiative and creativity when creating circus acts

Live Wirez

Saturday 2pm - 5pm

Live Wirez is the second tier of the performance program and has a large focus on body preparation and technical training. It is in Live Wirez that students start to develop their own individual performance style and brand. Here students start to train more on their chosen apparatus as well as creating work in small groups.

Graduates of Live Wirez shall have the following competencies:
  • Proficiency in at least 2 circus disciplines
  • Leadership skills within small groups
  • A good level of body control and confidence in tumbling, handstands, manipulation and partner acrobatics
  • The ability to stay task-focused during training


Tuesday 5pm - 7.30pm & Saturday 2pm - 5pm

Tribe is where the intensive training takes a step up. Training 5.5 hours a week with 4 coaches a session pushes the students technically as well as creatively. Students train in small clusters of similar body types and interests are pushed to become well rounded in tumbling, manipulation, handstands and partner acrobatics. Tribe has a large focus on ensemble work and developing acts and routines to be performed in public.

Graduates of Tribe shall have the following competencies:
A high level in at least two of the following three attributes:
  • Leadership Qualities during and outside of training hours
  • A high level of proficiency and creativity in act creation
  • A high technical level in multiple disciplines


Tuesday 5pm - 7.30pm, Thursday 5pm - 7.30pmĀ  & Saturday 2pm - 5pm

Troupe is where circus artists are created. Having acquired a solid basis in the earlier levels of the performance program, Troupe members are given ownership over their individual circus disciplines and style. Troupe has a large focus on both individual work and small ensembles. While they continue their technical training with 4 specialist coaches, students are educated in advanced performance techniques and tools to create professional-level performances.

Troupe members are given many performance opportunities which help them to develop as artists, leaders and collaborators. Troupe members take on a role of leadership and responsibility within the circus school and are transformed not only into world-class performers but also outstanding human beings.

Troupe graduates shall have the following competencies:
  • A high and technical level in multiple circus disciplines
  • The ability to work both autonomously and collaboratively
  • The ability to create circus acts in their own unique performance style
  • Leadership, responsibility and accountability qualities