Adult Circus 101

SA Circus Centre Adult classes are taught by expert trainers and set in a safe, secure, and fun environment where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, set realistic goals, and overcome challenges.  Covering the main areas of Circus performance, Circus 101 includes tumbling and trampolining, acrobatics, balance, and manipulation. These classes develop core and upper body strength. The course introduces you to the fundamental techniques and challenges those with a little more experience. All fitness levels welcome!

Adult Circus 101 block dates:

  • Block 1 (11 week block) – Tuesday 30th January to Tuesday 9th April 2024 OR Wednesday 31st January to Wednesday 10th April, 2024
  • Block 2 (10 week block) – Tuesday 30th April to Tuesday 2nd July 2024 OR Wednesday 1st May to Wednesday 3rd July, 2024
  • Block 3 (10 week block) – Tuesday 23rd July to Tuesday 24th September 2024 OR Wednesday 24th July to Wednesday 25th September, 2024
  • Block 4 (9 week block) – Tuesday 15th October to Tuesday 10th December 2024 OR Wednesday October 16th to Wednesday 11th December, 2024