Tumbling and Acrobatics

In our specialty Tumbling and Acrobatics class, students work on the physical and technical foundations that enable them to take their skills to the next level.

Regular strength and flexibility conditioning provides solid groundwork, as well as enabling students to take their training home as they gain an understanding of how to build their capabilities.

Lots of work on the fast-track and trampolines means that students will learn air control and form that will be useful for trampolining, teeterboard and floor tumbling.

General and specific tumbling technique training means that students acquire a broad understanding and ability, while also getting time to work on those skills they are particularly passionate about.

Acrobatic balance skills are trained in pairs, threes and more, teaching both static and dynamic moves that can be incorporated with their tumbling skills.

This class also teaches the basics of choreography and ensemble movement, giving students an opportunity to build routines and work together while polishing their technique.

Suitable for ages 8 to 17 years