The Crew

'The Crew' sessions are designed for adults taking a 'circus leap' to further their abilities in their circus art skills. A weekly 3hr training session with a coach focusing on body control and mobility will start your week and help prepare you for your self-training periods.

  • You will have access to the spaces during Independent Artist training times, and the ability to organise training jams with other artists
  • The 10-week block allows participants to continue their training and self-devising at a significantly reduced cost.
  • SACC Classes have priority for use of equipment
  • If you are training with the Aerial Rig, you must have a spotter
  • Part of the conditions to use this space is that you must clean up after yourself! Be aware that there are many others who use our facilities.

The Crew dates:

  • Block 1 (11 week block) – Thursday 3rd February to Thursday 14th April 2022
  • Block 2 (10 week block) – Thursday 5th May to Thursday 7th July 2022
  • Block 3 (10 week block) – Thursday 4th August to Thursday 29th September 2022
  • Block 4 (9 week block) – Thursday 18th October to Thursday 15th December 2022