Juggling Speciality

Join our specialty Juggling class

Juggling is the act of manipulating one or more items at the same time. Balls, clubs, and rings are the most common but other manipulation objects include diabolo, plate spinning, devil sticks, poi, cigar boxes and hat. These classes are great for making new friends and increasing confidence.

Juggling increases response time, reflexes, spatial awareness, strategic thinking, and focus through boosting hand-eye coordination. This improves both confidence and athletic ability. It may even improve reading skills if juggling experts are to be believed.  Juggling may be both exciting and relaxing. You use left-brain functions to master increasingly difficult juggling abilities, carefully focusing and evaluating the procedures. You depend on right-brained processes while exercising abilities you've previously learned, relaxing into a more fluid, intuitive action.

This class also teaches the basics as well as giving students an opportunity to build routines and work together while polishing their techniques.

Suitable for ages 8 to 17 years