SA Circus Centre Trainer Lisa

Trainer Lisa

Trainer Lisa

Globe Trotting Performer

SA Circus Centre Trainer Lisa, Globe Trotting Performer

Lisa started Cirkidz at age 9, after her friend had a Cirkidz Birthday Party that Lisa attended. She instantly fell in love with circus and begged her mum to sign her up to weekly classes. As a child who could never sit still, stop climbing anything and everything, and was born for the spotlight, circus completed Lisa in a way she never knew possible. After 3 terms in Tweenz, Lisa went on to spent 9 years as an active member of the Cirkidz Performance Troupe. Lisa started teaching at Cirkidz when she was 16. Sharing her joy for circus through teaching excites Lisa just as much as doing it herself.

For the past 10 years Lisa has been teaching circus professionally around the world. Lisa is an extremely competent coach in all circus disciplines and can be found teaching Cirkidz classes, from Tiddlerz all the way through to adults and the performance program. Lisa started performing professionally at age 16. She specializes in Hula Hoop, partner and group acrobatics and ensemble work. At age 19 Lisa joined Multi-award-winning Brisbane-based Circus, CIRCA. Where she spent the next 5 years touring 12 different circus productions to over 13 countries. In 2018, Lisa Joined Adelaide-based, Gravity & Other Myths (GOM) where she was a creative collaborator and performing of the Helpmann award-winning show, Out Of Chaos. Since then Lisa has been touring the Globe with GOM, including a 6-month residency at the Chamaleon Theatre in Berlin, where she performed 174 shows!

Cirkidz holds a special place in Lisa’s heart, she loves her Cirkidz family and is excited to continue teaching at Cirkidz for many years to come. She loves nothing more than seeing her students share her passion for Circus and watching them progress. Helping someone achieve something they never thought was possible is one of Lisa’s favourite parts of being a teacher. Lisa is a fun-loving, energetic, hard-working, passionate and creative human who uses Circus as her tool to inspire others and express herself. She connects equally with all fingers from the Reg Bolton Circus Hand. Make sure to go up and say hi to Lisa when you see her around the circus centre!

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